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About Us

What is AuditWise?

AuditWise is a cloud-based quality monitoring software solution that empowers organisations to evaluate and score the quality of their customer interactions, operations and processes whilst having the ability to identify any compliance issues

It is an essential tool for any business wanting to discover actionable insights into customer interactions and agent performance

The easy-to-use web portal provides extensive reporting and dashboard functionality for all levels of staff in your business

When Did it All Start?

Working closely with contact centre teams over the years it became evident that there was a gap in the market for a dynamic quality assessment and reporting solution. AuditWise came about as a result of a lack of availability of modern scoring and basic auditing solutions in the marketplace.

Why AuditWise?

With over 30 years of customer service and call centre management experience and a further 20 years of working in a regulated environment, we are perfectly placed to support your business in the implementation of quality monitoring and driving results. We will listen to the feedback of our customers and continually develop our solution in line with new requirements. We will ensure that we are proactive in our updates and support.