Agent Interaction Monitoring Simplified

The time for using spreadsheets for monitoring is over. Bring your agent monitoring up to speed with no spreadsheets, instant setup and FREE for up to 4 users

Modernising Contact Center QA

Avoid relying on paper records or spreadsheets for your quality assurance , Auditwise provides a modern best in class scoring facility to make your compliance department coo...

Making things simple

Build Scorecards

With AuditWise’s dynamic scorecard builder, it is easy to build multiple scorecards to evaluate all types of customer interaction.

Score Users

With one of the simplest and most dynamic scoring platforms in the market! monitoring your agents could not be easier. Simplified reports highlight issues fast and feedback dashboards bring your agents into the auditing conversation.

Get Insight

Our reporting suite and agent feedback facilities offer everything your auditing and compliance team will need to improve process, reduce risk and optimise interactions.

Its simple to get started with Auditwise and you will instantly see potential.

Create Positive Experiences

Each time your agents interact with customers, they have the opportunity to create a positive customer experience that can impact business reputation and inspire loyalty. Conversely, your agents can also deliver an experience that will send customers into the hands of your competitors.

  • How do you make sure that your agents are delivering the right outcome for your customers?
  • Are they using the right words?
  • Are they saying what they should be?
  • Is the tone of delivery appropriate?

To elevate the customer experience, you need the right tools to monitor agent performance and improvements over time.

Not just a paper exercise

Senior management consider Quality assurance pivotal in the success of the business. People sometimes struggle to provide consistent insight in a way that lets their team leaders contribute to your work load.

We've been there, solutions out there were either, not mature enough for our needs or were over complicated. Thats why we built Auditwise.

See our software in action

Powerful Tools For Powerful Insight!

Calibrate Scores

With in-built calibration, AuditWise helps you to ensure a consistent and fair approach to scoring.

Powerful Analytics

The reporting suite provides a valuable insight into agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Scorecard Builder

The dynamic scorecard builder helps you to create your forms easily , leaving more time for scoring!

Compliance Reporting

Complete with Compliance reports and functionality, AuditWise can help you improve adherence to company policy and industry regulations.

Empower Teams

Give your management team Super insight through our analytics, reporting and dashboards. Alert management before minor issues become major ones.

Engage Staff

Our built-in Agent Dashboards ensure that your agents are always kept in the loop. Help them feel like part solution in the compliance process, not just part of the problem!

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We optimize our application to ensure you are not left waiting!

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Instant Setup

No phone calls , no hassle just instant setup and equally fast results.

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We pride ourselves in providing best in class support.

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