Business Intelligence

AuditWise provides valuable insights into the performance and operations of any call centre by enabling data-driven decision making. Through the identification of patterns and trends in customer queries, it is easy to make informed decisions regarding staffing, resource allocation and process improvements.

Your Data, Your Way

Our intuitive, customisable dashboards allow you to pull the required information together in a view that provides a comprehensive overview of the metrics that are important to you. If one dashboard isn’t enough, then create separate ones illustrating the most important focus points. With the use of graphs, tables and charts it is easy to create an aesthetically pleasing dash that you can confidently rely on.

Custom Reporting

No more relying on spreadsheets! Build bespoke reports that allow you to easily report on those all-important key performance indicators. Whether you are looking for a high-level overview or the granular detail, AuditWise allows you to create the reports that matter most.