Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​​​​We have Answers!

Can AuditWise Integrate with My CRM?

AuditWise offers integration with various CRM and telephony platforms. If your system is not listed in our integrations, reach out to our team for potential inclusion in our future roadmap.

Does AuditWise Provide Training?

Comprehensive training is a key part of our onboarding process. We ensure you are fully proficient with AuditWise to maximize your systems benefits.

Why Use a Quality Monitoring Tool?

Quality monitoring tools are essential in today’s competitive markets, where customer satisfaction is crucial. These tools empower your team to monitor and analyze customer interactions across various channels, helping identify improvement areas and ensuring effective coaching and feedback.

Can I Get Help Building My Scorecards?

Absolutely! Alongside our extensive template library, we provide guidance and share best practices to help you build effective scorecards.

Where Is My Data Stored and How Secure Is AuditWise?

Your data is securely stored with Microsoft in the UK. All accounts are password protected and permissioned, and we offer a complimentary IP lockdown service to limit external system access.

What If I Forget My Password?

Our built-in authentication system allows users with the right permissions to reset passwords easily with just a click.

Are There Any Additional Implementation Costs?

Beyond the monthly fee, there are no hidden charges with AuditWise. We assist with initial setup, induction, and ongoing support.

Can I Add Attachments in AuditWise?

Yes, AuditWise allows you to upload various file types, including audio files, transcripts, and photos, to enhance your audits.

Will I Find AuditWise Easy to Use If I'm Familiar with Excel?

AuditWise is designed for intuitive use, with helpful hints for scorecard building and pre-made templates. Our team is also available for any queries.

What Can I Use AuditWise to Score?

AuditWise is versatile enough to audit all types of customer interactions, processes, physical locations, and assets.

How Many Users Can Be Added to AuditWise?

There is no limit to the number of users you can add, allowing for scalable and flexible team management.

Is My Data Secure?

Data security is ensured through managed IP address access controls, allowing you to add or delete IP addresses as necessary.

What Happens to My Data After the Free Trial?

Should you upgrade to a full account, any data entered during the free trial is retained. Otherwise, it will be deleted from our system.

How Do I Start My Free Trial with AuditWise?

Starting your free trial is easy. Simply fill in the form on our website or contact our Sales Team for immediate assistance.

How long is the data stored for?

Any audio files stored on AuditWise will auto expire at 12 months

How accurate is the transcription functionality?

We are using an industry-leading transcription service that provides over 90% accuracy.

Will it work with other languages?

Absolutely, let us know which language you require and we will get you started.

What happens with any sensitive information that is transcribed?

We can redact sensitive information such as card details if incorrectly recorded

I don't want all of my calls transcribed and auto-scored. Is this possible?

Of course, you can select a percentage of calls or utilise the filters to just score the interactions selected based on your criteria.

Will I receive help to get started and make sure I am using the system correctly?

Absolutely, we will ensure that you receive the necessary training and support to get started. Our support doesn't end there - we are available 24/7, on hand for any queries. Your account manager will also check in regularly to ensure that you are getting the most out of the system

How much does it cost to have all interactions automatically scored?

The cost varies dependent upon the number of hours of interactions that you have and want scoring. Contact us here to get a personalised quote or review our ROI CALCULATOR.