Build a Scorecard
Tailoring evaluations for optimal performance. Create your ideal scorecard with AuditWise


Template library and pre-built components

In the platform, you will find a template library as well as pre-built components for common quality metrics that can easily be customised.

Other aspects that are easily modified are such aspects as weightages, answer sets and thresholds to ensure alignment with the specific quality goals of your business.

Intuitive Set-Up

We’ve made it easy to use – you can utilise the drag and drop features to add, remove and rearrange elements on the scorecards without needing coding skills! As well as help sections and tutorials in the platform, we are on hand to support in scorecard creation to ensure that you get the best out of the system.

Accessibility & Implementation

Being cloud-based, AuditWise can be access from anywhere making it convenient for users who work remotely or across multiple locations. Any changes can be quickly implemented and updated across the organisation in real-time, ensuring that everyone is using the latest version of the scorecard.