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Unleash the Power of AI in Quality Monitoring

Combatting Attrition in Contact Centres

Hayley Plant

  • January 01, 2024

  • 5 Minute Read

Unleash the Power of AI in Quality Monitoring

Contact centres play a vital role in delivering exceptional customer service and maintaining strong customerrelationships.However, the high attrition rates pose significant challenges for businesses.The UK averageturnover rate sits at 15 %, compared to the contact centre which is much higher at 26 %.Fortunately, theintegration of gamification techniques has emerged as a powerful solution to combat the high levels of attritionand foster a positive work environment.In this blog, we will explore the problems associated with attrition in contact centres and delve into the positive impact that gamification can have on this industry.

Speech Recognition & Analysis

One of the most powerful tools for call centres is speech recognition. By converting spoken words into text, AI algorithms can analyse conversations for keywords, sentiment and more. This helps in identifying whether the agent has fully addressed the customer’s concerns but also gauges the emotional tone of the conversation, highlighting areas of potential satisfaction.

Data-Driven Decisions

With AI’s ability to process vast amounts of data, call centres can derive actionable insights about their operations. Whether it is identifying frequently asked questions, understanding recurring customer complaints, or assessing agent performance, AI empowers decision makers with data- driven insights to continually refine their operations.

Real-time Feedback

Traditionally, quality assurance in all centres involved auditors / supervisors manually listening to a small sample of calls and providing feedback. With AI, every call can be monitored in real-time allowing agents to receive immediate feedback and coaching thus enabling them to correct their approach during a call or be better prepared for the next one.

Predictive Analysis

With the analysis of vast data sets, AI can predict call outcomes based on the conversation’s initial segments, e.g., it can forecast if a call might escalate based on the customer’s tone or choice of words. This can alert supervisors to potentially intervene or follow up with both the customer and the agent.

Personalised Training & Development

The depth of AI’s analytical capabilities can identify strengths and areas of improvement for each agent. Instead of generic training sessions, agents can receive personalised coaching based on their specific needs ensuring a consistent improvement in call quality.

Automated Quality Checks

AI can allow for compliance and process checks to be completed on every customer contact ensuring 100% interaction analysis. With complete coverage, coaching and training can be focussed in the most appropriate areas with those who need it most.

In conclusion, the fusion of AI with call centre operations represents a paradigm shift in quality monitoring. It ensures that businesses are proactive in their approach, anticipating challenges and addressing them efficiently. As AI continues to evolve, it promises to further refine and revolutionise the call centre landscape, setting new standards in customer excellence.