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Introduction To AuditWise

It only takes seven seconds to make an impression, and if that initial interaction is not a good one, it will take a lot more time to change a customer’s opinion. And this is all down to how your customer service, support and sales teams represent you during that first contact; whether it be a call, chat, email or social media post.

Quality assurance isn’t linear, the days of “P&Qs” and open and close are over, customer satisfaction, NPS, online reviews drive your reputation and customers will rate you on how they felt during an interaction, not on which boxes your advisor ticked.

Equally, compliance and protecting the customer's personal information is more important than ever to protect both your customer and your business.

AuditWise does just that, a single platform, designed around your ethos and identity, with the metrics that matter to you, with a suite of tools designed to protect and improve your business:

  • Clean, flexible and accessible scorecards
  • Clear and intuitive reporting
  • Fun and interactive pages to engage your teams