Audit Wise Key Features

Scorecard Builder

Our intuitive scorecard builder provides all the tools you need to build a highly customizeable scorecard in one place.

Unlike our competitors we don't want you to have to navigate through countless screens to adjust metrics. So we have brought all the scorecard controls into one place. Making scorecard building a breeze!

Scorecard Building Simplified!

Agent Engagement

With a personalised dashboard your agents have full visibility of their own performance and results. Add in the action plan and access to their feedback report and they have full control over their own development.

AuditWise also lets them self-score so they can assess their own interactions and see where they need to focus. And if that wasn’t enough, AuditWise also provides a platform for recognition, whether this be through awards or points. Looking for more engagement? Set up inter-team competitions and watch those scores rocket!.

Compliance & Audit

With in-built compliance reports and functionality, AuditWise can help you improve adherence to company policy and industry regulations.

  • Instant breach alerts can be emailed to the relevant personnel as soon as a scorecard has been completed
  • Maintain a record of all compliance activity
  • Demonstrate and evidence that you are treating your customers fairly
  • Document remedial action taken against any breaches to reduce future risk
  • Detailed reporting to assist with root cause analysis

Reporting & Trends

The powerful reporting suite provides valuable insight into agent performance and customer satisfaction. Whether you need a high level overview or are looking to drill down into the specifics, AuditWise enables you to review the metrics that matter most to you.

Access to the analysis and data is permission driven with everyone having a dashboard personal to their profile from agent through to assessors and team leaders up to heads of department.

Report on Everything!


Remove subjectivity from scoring using AuditWise’s inbuilt calibration feature

  • Add interactions to be calibrated or select at random
  • Share calibrations lists with the wider team for a greater input
  • Be confident in your assessors and their scores
  • Calibration reporting highlights variances at a question, section and scorecard level
  • Allows scoring to be conducted “blind”
Calibrate to Collaborate!

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