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Heavily integrated software can become restrictive and as a result a business can often lose out on new features and technology. With AuditWise, we are continually updating the solution to ensure that our customers have the most feature rich platform without the need for complex integration. Just sign up and start using it!

So with AuditWise you don't need technical assistance or system integrations. Just sign-up and start using it!

Simplify Your Auditing Now!

Our scorecard builder supports all question types (yes/no, single answer, multiple choice, scaling etc). Learn from our experts about how AuditWise can help your business improve your customer experience whilst saving you money and time.

  • More than just a tick in a box
  • Our software will work on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile

Signing up to AuditWise provides you with so much more than just software. We know how important support is to our customers - it starts from the onboarding stage and never stops, whether you need additional training or guidance or we’re just simply letting you know about the exciting new features, we are always on hand to help.

Start Improving Your Customer Experience Now!

The reporting suite provides a valuable insight into agent performance and customer satisfaction

  • Schedule regular reports to be delivered to your email
  • All reports and charts are available in various formats
  • Be confident in the accuracy of the data with no spreadsheets or manual intervention required
  • Whether you need an high level view or granular details, it’s easy to customise your reporting view
  • Insight is available at your fingertips without having to spend hours building reports
  • If the standard reports don’t cover it, create bespoke templates for future use
Simplify Your Auditing Now!

With in-built compliance reports and functionality, AuditWise can help you improve adherence to company policy and industry regulations

  • Instant breach alerts can be emailed to the relevant personnel as soon as a scorecard has been completed
  • Maintain a record of all compliance activity
  • Ensure compliance is being monitored regardless of the channel the customer chooses to use to contact you
  • Detailed reporting will assist with root cause analysis of persistent breaches
  • Document remedial action taken against any breaches to reduce future risk
  • Demonstrate and evidence that your customers are being treated fairly
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Best in class solution built with compliance in mind!

We comply with GDPR and ISO Regulations so that you don't have to.

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