What's Going On At AuditWise?

Introduction To AuditWise

It only takes seven second to make an impression, and if that initial interaction is not a good one, it will take a lot more time to change a customer’s opinion. And this is all down to how your customer service, support and sales teams represent you during that first contact; whether it be a call, chat, email or social media post.

Quality assurance isn’t linear, the days of “P&Qs” and open and close are over, customer satisfaction, NPS, online reviews drive your reputation and customers will rate you on how they felt during an interaction, not on which boxes your advisor ticked.

Equally, compliance and protecting the customer ‘personal information is more important than ever to protect both your customer and your business.

AuditWise does just that, a single platform, designed around your ethos and identity, with the metrics that matter to you, with a suite of tools designed to protect and improve your business:

  • Clean, flexible and accessible scorecards
  • Clear and intuitive reporting
  • Fun and interactive pages to engage your teams

Dynamic Scorecard Builder

We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to Quality Assurance. AuditWise has been developed to adapt to your business needs.

Our scorecards will help your teams engage with the Quality Assurance process and support your business

  • Clean, flexible and accessible scorecards
  • Clear and intuitive reporting
  • Fun and interactive pages to engage your teams

We know that planning coaching in schedules can be a challenge, especially in peak periods, our scorecards will help reduce the time you need to mark the interactions and maximise the coaching time with your teams.

Experiencing a peak in inbound contact? We have all been there, coaching is always at the top of the list to be removed. With AuditWise, you can coach remotely.

Taking Ownership

Engaging your agents is essential to see improvements, AuditWise lets them see how they are doing in real time, helping them take ownership of their performance.

Coaches and supervisors can support their teams, even in busy times with remote coaching whilst encouraging them through the built in Reward and Recognition functions. They will also have more time to spend to effect improvement, with no complicated excel sheets or reports to complete.

Comprehensive Reporting

Quality Assurance reporting helps you identify how you can improve your service offering by breaking down the interactions into the key metrics that support your business objectives and targets.

We understand that no one solution fits all, your QA metrics will depend on your environment and your customer. You might have to comply with an array of rules and legislations, specific to your business sector.

The AuditWise reporting suite will provide you with the insight you need to make intelligent decision, with the information you require available at the touch of a button, your insight teams will be able to focus on the analysis only.

Reward and Recognition

A Glassdoor found that 80% of employees would be willing to work harder for an appreciative boss and 70% said they’d feel better about themselves and their efforts if their boss thanked them more regularly.*

Receiving a compliment always feels good, it stimulate endorphin production in the brain. AuditWise lets you recognise employees by awarding them medals. We will work with you to embed your reward and recognition scheme into our platform – helping you recognise your teams easier and faster, generate a buzz on the floor and create a little competition.

* Source

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